Plan Views are a visual way to design the bill of materials with your clients. In this getting started article we will review how to:

  • Create a Plan View

  • Draw Location Boundaries

  • Add items and comments

  • Print & Share

Creating a Plan View

To create a Plan View, first you will need to navigate to a Quote and then to the Drawings section. From here you can choose either the "Create Plan View" from the empty state (shown below) or the "+ New" button shown beside the title "Drawings".

Adding a floorplan

You will now be redirected to the newly created Plan View where you will be asked to upload a floorplan. We support PDF, JPG, GIF, and PNG file types and recommend uploading images greater than 800px by 800px for the best results.

If you do not have a floorplan, you can skip this step and use location boundaries to draw boxes for each of your locations. We'll review this in the coming step.

Drawing location boundaries

Location boundaries are targets that represent each of the locations in the Quote that you can drop items onto. The benefit of a location boundary is that after they are included in the drawing, new items dropped on the boundary will automatically be assigned to you bill of materials and also be assigned to that location - all in one click!

To draw a location boundary, first click the new-boundary icon for an existing location (shown as step 1 below). Next, click and drag your cursor over the area of the location and then release (shown as step 2 below).

Now that you have added your first location boundary you can click on the boundary to view the editable properties of this object. This includes:

  • Showing the name of the location, which is turned on by default.

  • Showing a border of around the location. This is a great solution for those clients that do not have floorplan. For these clients you can draw location boxes and still design visually with them.

  • Lock position will keep you from inadvertently moving the location when moving other objects on the drawing surface. It is a good idea to turn this on after you have the location positioned to your liking.

Adding Items and Comment

Next we'll discuss how to add items to the floorplan. From the Items pane on the left-side of the screen you can drag and drop items either from your current design under the "Quote Items" segment or add items to your design by using the "New Item" segment.

Below is a demonstration of using the "Click to add" feature which allows you to quickly add the same item to various location by simply stamping the selected item

Adding a comment to the drawing is done by selecting the "Comment" toolbar item and then clicking where you would like to add the comment.

Comments are a great way to add details to the design and also allow you and your team to have an internal conversation using the comment's reply feature.

You have two options for sharing your Plan Views. 

  • Use the more menu in the upper-right corner to print this document for your client or team.

  • Include this in your Proposal in either the Gallery or Attachments section. When attached, this document is a living document that the user can explore within the proposal. 

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