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Technician views for service calls

Working on service calls in the Field user view

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The functionality of service calls is integrated into the existing Field user views for Field Service technicians. As a Field Service technician, you will have the ability to view customer contact details, create a detailed call log, review call history, add comprehensive work summaries, and even schedule return visits when necessary.

Here are the high-level details of the Field user views for service calls.

Scheduled service calls

Service calls assigned to you are listed on the Dashboard under "Service Calls This Week."

When you resolve the issues and close a call, the call is moved to the “Completed Service Calls” tile.

You can edit the work summary of a completed call before the payment request is sent to the customer.

Customer address and contact details

Click on the call tile to open the Client Details modal. Here, you can see the site location and the customer’s contact information, including email and phone number.

Starting the call

Click “Begin” on the service call tile when you start working on a call. This will open the call log for you to add the details of the actual issue, resolution, next steps, checklist, and attachments.

Clicking “Begin” will also add the timestamp for when the call started.

Working to fix the issues

Here, you will check the product(s) for the issue(s) the customer reported when they approached your back office for the service request.

In the call log, you can add the list of repaired products, products that need replacement, and any new products you installed on the call.

Check out these articles for details about the workflow to add the products.

Once you added the products, issues, and resolution details, and completed the work at the site, click “Finish job."

Completing the call

Now you will see the Work Summary view of the call. All details including the issue seen, actions taken, and next steps are still editable. You can finalize the call log and add manual labor time if you weren’t using the job timer to track labor time. You are also able to add drive time to the site.

Check out this article for more details about adding labor time manually.

Next, you also have the option to obtain a sign-off from the customer before completing the call.

Click "Finish" to complete the call. If the call has products that need to be replaced, you will see options to schedule a follow-up visit.

Ongoing and Completed calls

If you want to read or review the call log of an ongoing or completed call, go to the "Calls" tab. Here, you will see all the calls you have worked on.

Click “View” on a service call tile to see the call log.

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