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Everything your field technicians need to know about working on project events and service calls

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Field users are personnel who work at the customer site. Field users can be installers and other technicians who work on project requirements or service technicans who repair or replace the equipment via service calls.

Field users will need a D-Tools Cloud Field user account. Field User seats are available only with paid D-Tools Cloud subscriptions.

Field User functionality provides the ability for Office Users to share project tasks, and events, and service calls with technicians and installers. Field users can see their work schedule in the Field User view on mobile devices.

Dashboard tab

Dashboard provides the technicians with the current week's work schedule for the following:

  • Events - Events are project tasks scheduled for execution at the work site. The technicians will need to clock in and clock out of the job timer for their time spent to be accounted as a time entry against the project.

  • Tasks - Tasks are project-related activities that don't need time spent on them to be accounted as time entries.

  • Service calls - Service calls are site visits scheduled to fix issues seen in installed products. Technicians can track repaired, replaced, or newly added products in the Service Call workflow.

Field users can initiate the events, tasks, and service calls from the Dashboard.

Hours tab

Technicians will use the Hours tab to manually add project time entries for completing the project events if they don't want to or have not been able to use the Job Timer.

Over time, this tab will show both manual and Job Timer entries that the technician has made against projects.

Schedule tab

The Schedule tab shows a mashed up weekly calendar of the project events and service calls assgined to the technician.

Service calls show a "Wrench" icon. With different coloring used for project events and service calls in the Office User view, the technician can quickly differentiate between project events and service calls.

Technicians can select a specific day, scroll by week at the top of the view, and view the details of events or calls by clicking on them.

Projects tab

In the Projects tab, the technican can see all projects to which they are assigned, irrespective of whether a task or event was assigned to them.

Projects listed here are categorized by the Project stages configured in the Office User view.

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