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Logging Project Hours in the Field User View
Logging Project Hours in the Field User View

How to log the Project hours as a Field User

Written by Ashok P
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Once the Project Manager has broken down the entire work schedule for the project and assigned the tasks as Events to the Field Users, they will see the tasks in their user account.

The current week's tasks are listed on the Dashboard and the "Schedule" tab will list all tasks and service calls assigned to the Field User.

As a Field User, you will have the option to complete the project tasks in one of two ways:

1 - Use Project Time Tracking Functionality

Here, you can "Clock In" to record the time when you start the task and "Clock Out" when the task is complete. Cloud will automatically calculate the time spent on the task and make this data available in the Office User view to the Project Manager and Admins.

To use built-in time tracking, click "Clock in to project" of the relevant project. In the modal, click "Clock in."

You will see a Blue banner at the top of the screen for as long as the clock is running.

When the task is complete, click "Clock out of project" to stop the clock.

You can start and stop the clock as many times as you would like if you are taking breaks during the task.

2 - Add Time Spent Manually

If you do not want to use built-in time tracking, you have the option to log the project hours spent on the task manually. This data will be available in the Office User view to the Project Manager and Admins.

To add time manually, go to the "Hours" tab, and click "Add time entry" in the top-right corner. This will open the modal to add time spent, select the project, task, and labor type, and add some notes relevant to the task.

Click "Add" to add the time entry to the project.

*If for some reason you cannot log the time spent on a task, approach the Admin or the Project Manager as they can add the time entry for the task from the Office User view.

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