Repair Product workflow

Adding repaired products to the call log

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This article explains the Repair workflow you will use to add the list of products repaired at the work site.

Repair involves resolving the issue with the product or programming it to meet the customer's preferences without replacing the product.

On the Dashboard, click the “Begin” button for the call. Click the “+” icon for “Repair Product.” This will open the modal to allow you to enter the details of the product.

1 - Type in the brand name of the product in the "Brand” field.

The model number will be added when you add the product from the Catalog. You can type in the model number too.

2 - The quantity can be adjusted if necessary; otherwise, it defaults to 1.

3 - Use your mobile phone to scan the product's UPN, EAN, or serial number or type it in.

4 - Select the location where the product is located.

5 - If required, add images of the repaired product.

6 - Click “Search” to see the Product Catalog.

7 - Select the product and click “Add Product.” The product is now added to the call log as a repaired product. The replacement product will show as "Repaired."

8 - Click “Continue," and you will see a modal.

Do one of the following:

  • If only one product was repaired on the call, click “No, Continue to Work Summary” and go to the Work Summary.

  • Click “Repair Product” if multiple products were repaired and add the products.

  • Use the "Replace Product" or "Additional Product" workflows if the call involves replacements or installing accessories.

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