D-Tools Cloud provides an easy way to share proposals directly through the application by entering an email and sharing. From that useful analytics can be pulled on if the user has viewed it and how many times.

However, the efficiency comes with some side effects that may not want to deal with. For example, the email is a templated email coming from D-Tools Cloud email address. So there is a way to get a URL and share the URL with however method you prefer (email, text message, chat, etc.)

Because analytics are important in knowing if a proposal has been viewed, and how long, you can create a separate URL for each person you want to share the proposal with.

Generating a URL

To begin, select the quote you want to share & click the share button, just like you would have done before. You will see a URL option in the menu in the upper right you can select.

Once you are on the URL tab, you can Add Recipient. This will ask for a name and then click Add. The reason D-Tools Cloud asks for a name is because we want you to get a different URL per user so you can get the analytics per user and name that user.

After you added the recipient, you will get a URL for that name. You can then copy the URL and share it with that person. This will then track when a user has opened the proposal and how many times they have.

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