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Instead of sharing Proposals via Email from D-Tools Cloud, create a URL and share it via Chat, Text, etc.

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URL-based Proposal sharing is ideal if you want to share Proposals over Chat, Text, or other communication modes outside the Cloud app.

Another way to share Proposals is via Email, directly from D-Tools Cloud. Check out this article for more details.

First, go to the Quote view, click the 3-dot menu next to "Present proposal", click "Share proposal", and click the "Share by link" icon on the extreme right.

See the following screenshot for the three steps to share a Proposal via URL. Reference the numbers in the screenshot to the descriptions below.

In this example, the Proposal is being sent to three customer Contacts.

1 - Add Customer Emails

Click "Add recipient" to add the customer Contacts who should see the Proposal. If you want to add a Contact not yet assigned to the Opportunity, you can add the Contact's email and the Contact itself to D-Tools Cloud.

When you add a recipient, D-Tools Cloud auto-generates a URL for them. You cannot edit the URL. When you add multiple Contacts, a unique URL is generated for every Contact.

2 - Set Sharing Options

Sharing options help you control how the Proposal is shared. You can specify the following:

  • Restrict or allow Contacts from downloading the Proposal

  • Set an expiration date for the Proposal

  • Set up to two reminders for the Contacts to review the Proposal

Check out this article for more details about setting expiry dates and reminders for Proposals.

3 - Copy and Send Proposal URLs

Now, copy the URLs and send them to the relevant customer Contacts over Chat or Text.

Customers who opt to see the Proposal on a Phone should use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Customer View for Shared Proposals

When customers click the Proposal URL, the Proposal opens in the browser. After reviewing the Proposal, they can click "Accept & sign" to tell you that they have approved it.

Once a Contact opens the Proposal, you will start to see the analytics data for Proposal views.

Learn more about Proposal Analytics

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