Customers may not sign off on Proposals on time for various reasons—pending internal approvals, Integrator selection, or perhaps they forgot about it. Whatever the reason, it can be frustrating when customers don't get back to you on time!

On D-Tools Cloud, you can automate follow-ups for Proposal approval, grant extensions for approval, and even track Proposal views.

Set Expiration Date and Reminders

Expiration dates and Reminders are primarily part of the Proposal Sharing workflow, but these can be changed even after the Proposal is shared.

Expiration date

Set the expiration date based on what you agreed upon with the customer or a cut-off date you have in mind.

Go to the Opportunity, open the final Quote, click "Share Proposal", and set the date.

  • If the Proposal is approved by this date, it will show as "Accepted" on the Opportunities Kanban Board.

  • If the Proposal is not approved by this date, it will show as "Declined" on the board.

Customers will see the expiration date in two places:

1. Under the "View Proposal" button in the Proposal email.

2. On a banner at the top of an opened Proposal.


You can add up to "two" email reminders days apart before expiration. Reminder emails are sent to every email address with which the Proposal was shared. Reminder emails are also sent to the Opportunity owner; that way, they can remember an impending expiration date.

Under Reminder Email, click "Add reminder email" and specify the number of days before expiration to send the reminder emails.

By default, the email text has the Proposal expiration date, company name, company logo, and the Opportunity owner name. Click the Pencil icon and update the reminder email if you want to customize the email.

Expired Proposals - Customer View

After the expiration date, customers will no longer be able to view the Proposal. They will see an automated message explaining that the Proposal has expired and to reach out to the Opportunity owner to request an extension.

Grant Extensions for Approval

If your customer requests an extension to approve the Proposal, you can change the expiration date. Reminder email dates will automatically adjust to fit the new expiration date. You can also manually change reminder email dates.

Go to "Proposal Analytics" in the Overview tab to grant the extension. Customers will see the revised date on the banner displayed when the Proposal is seen.

Throughout the Proposal approval process, you can use the Proposal Analytics feature to track how customers view your Proposals. You even get to know if someone was not able to see the Proposal despite clicking the Proposal link.

Learn more about Proposal Analytics

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