Proposal Analytics is a fantastic feature to help you track Proposal views and approvals for Proposals shared via Email or URL. Proposal Analytics can help you expedite the Proposal approval process.

If you are new to sharing Proposals, check out this article.

Proposal Analytics is enabled by default. D-Tools Cloud collects Proposal views data as soon as one of the customer Contact has seen the Proposal. At that point, you will see data for Proposal Analytics under the "Overview" tab in the relevant Opportunity. From here on, the data is updated in near-real-time.

Proposal Analytics can help you with the following:

Who viewed the Proposal?

Go to the "Sent" tab to see which of the Contacts have seen the Proposal. You can do other things here: Revoke access to the Proposal and Resend the Proposal email.

How many times was the Proposal viewed?

Go to the "Viewed" tab to see how many times each Contact has seen the Proposal.

Was the Proposal Accepted

When a customer Contact accepts and signs the Proposal, the Proposal will be seen as an "Accepted" proposal in the relevant Opportunity.

Go to the "Approved" tab to see who approved the Proposal.

Can everybody see the Proposal?

Although uncommon, Proposal URLs may not work sometimes. If you want to keep an eye on who could not see the Proposal, go to the "Failed" tab. Here you will see Contacts who cannot see the Proposal. Go to the "Sent" tab, resend the Proposal email, or share the URL again.

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