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Getting started with Ordering
Getting started with Ordering

Everything you need to get started with Ordering so you can purchase products for your projects.

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In D-Tools Cloud, ordering stems from the won project. So all your ordering will be done from a project (or at least started from a project). 

This article explains how to order products for an ongoing project. You can read more about ordering stock items here.

Once you have a Won project, open the project in the project view. Here you will see some additional options you didn't see in the quote when it was an opportunity.

  • Ordering Status of the items (products)

  • Ordering functionality

If you want to use instant ordering and the Ready to Order functionality (order products in bulk later), there are three steps to successfully placing an order from a project. Otherwise, ordering is complete in the first two steps.

  1. Select products, create one or more POs, and mark products as “Ready to Order.”

  2. Review the POs and send them to the suppliers.

  3. Create POs for Ready to Order products and send them to the suppliers

1 - Select products

You can select products one at a time in the BOM view or select multiple products in the Item Status view. These come with their own benefits.

BOM view

Selecting products in the BOM view allows you to set the price for the product and select a supplier.

You can see a filtered view of products by Locations, Systems, Phases, and Categories. This is mostly used when you want to add products to an existing PO or create a PO for just one product.

Item Status view

Selecting products in the Item Status view is helpful when you want to order multiple products.

You can also use this view to order products in different phases of the project by checking the Ordering Status of the products (Unordered, In Stock, Ready to Order, Received, and so on).

As mentioned earlier in this article, you can order products instantly or mark them as Ready to Order.

Create purchase orders

You may find you do a lot of quick projects, only one project at a time, or are a smaller company, and you only need to order products for a project and now. So, there is also the option to order products directly from a project.

  1. Once you have selected the products you would like to order in the Item Status view, click on the "Actions" button to the right of the "Item Status" label.

  2. Click Add to/Create Order, and you can select the supplier and whether to create a new PO or add to an existing one.

All POs are available in the Orders > Purchase Orders tab in the left navigation menu.

Ready to Order

Marking products as ready to order is a common approach to ordering. This allows you to mark many products across multiple projects as "Ready to Order" and create purchase orders from a list of ready-to-order products.

Ordering in bulk often saves on freight and sometimes gets discounts based on the supplier.

  1. Once you have selected the products you would like to order in the Item Status view, click on the "Actions" button to the right of the "Item Status" label.

  2. Click Ready to Order to add the products to the Ready to Order list.

All the Ready to Order products are listed in the Orders > Ready to be ordered tab in the left navigation menu).

2 - Review and send purchase orders

After you have created one or more POs for a project, you can review them before you send them to the suppliers. Review the following details in the POs.

  • Purchase Order Details - Purchase order number, total, shipping, tax

  • Items - Add or remove products and edit the final price before sending them off

  • Shipping - Shipping address, shipping method, attention, note for supplier

  • Billing - Billing address, billing method, dealer contact

  • Supplier - Contact, Account Number

After you have configured the above areas, you can export all purchase orders as PDFs for each supplier.

3 - Create purchase orders for Ready-to-Order products

In the Orders > Ready to be ordered tab in the left navigation, you will find a list of all the products ready to be ordered.

Just like in the project, you can select the products you want to create a purchase order with and click "Create PO for X Selected," or you can also click "Create POs for All." This will jump into a PO where you can edit it before getting ready to order.

Create standalone purchase orders

You are restricted to creating POs only from projects. You can also create a standalone PO from the Orders > Purchase Orders tab. Click the “New purchase orders” button on the Purchase Orders Kanban board.

If you choose products across multiple projects and different suppliers, you can create multiple POs in one go. This can drastically reduce your time to order products.

Manage purchase orders

Managing POs is a low overhead. When a PO is emailed to a supplier, it is automatically moved to the Ordered status.

Later, you can change the PO status to Partially Received or Received, depending on how many products from the PO were delivered to you. You can do so from within the PO or on the Kanban board.

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