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Add Products to Purchase Orders
Adding products from the Catalog view
Adding products from the Catalog view

How to add products to purchase orders from the Catalog view

Written by Ashok P
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If you want to stockpile products, you have the option to order products from the Catalog view itself. To make stockpiling more effective, you can use the "Favorite items" feature and mark frequently used and most important products as favorites. This way you can maintain a good stock of products that are frequently used up in projects.

To add products to one or more POs from the Catalog, go to "Catalog > Products" in the left navigation menu. Use the filters on the top to filter the products you want to order.

Select the products and click "Create or add to existing purchase order" in the Actions menu on the right. Select the supplier, specify the quantity, and add them to existing POs or create new POs.

The products will now be seen in draft POs and you can order them by sending the POs to the relevant suppliers.

In the following example, we used the Favorites filter and added favorite products to multiple COs.

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