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Marking items as Favorite in the Catalog so they appear in a distinct tab when you search for them within the quote

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When you are running a lot of projects and have a Cloud Catalog with thousands of products, and other items, searching for them can be cumbersome and slow. This is because Cloud has to process your search keyword, filter down the Catalog, and list only relevant items.

You have the option to create a cache of 'frequently used' or 'most important' items by marking them as "Favorite." This way you can create your own collection of items that you can always see in a separate view in the Catalog and the Item Search bar in the quote.

What can be marked as Favorite?

You can mark the following items as favorites:

  • Products

  • Labor Types

  • Allowances

  • Alternate Sets

  • Packages

Ways to mark items as Favorite

You can use any of the following ways to mark items as Favorite and build your Favorites collection.

From the 3-dot menu

Products, labor types, allowances, alternate sets, and packages have their own management pages under Catalog. Go to the relevant page, click the 3-dot menu, and click "Mark as favorite."

From the detailed view

Once you open the detailed view of any item, you will see a green star icon on the top-right corner of the modal. Click the icon to add the item to the Favorites collection.

Bulk-update products as favorite

On the Products page under Catalog, you have the option to select multiple products, click "Action on selected," and then click "Add to favorites."

You also have the option to first filter the page by the Brands, Suppliers, and Categories filters listed above and quicken the effort to build the Favorites collection.

In this example, we filtered products supplied by Amazon Business and marked them as favorites.

From the side panel

If you feel like you want to add an item to the Favorites collection when in the quote, click the item, click "View catalog item," and then mark it as a favorite.

Advantages of marking Favorite

You can reap these advantages by building your Favorites collection.

Speed when quoting

With items marked as Favorite, they will start to appear in a distinct "Favorites" tab in the Item Search bar. You can scroll through the favorites or search within the favorites and add many items quickly.

Ability to focus on specific items

Once you have marked favorites, you can simply use the "Favorites" filter seen at the top of the items' management pages. This will show only favorites and you can focus on editing or updating them.

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