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Configuring the purchase order
Configuring the purchase order

How to configure the purchase orders before sending it to the supplier

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All draft purchase orders (PO) are available under Orders > Purchase Orders in the left navigation menu. You can make updates and edits to the draft POs before sending them to the suppliers.

Here is the screenshot showing the different parts of a PO. Reference the numbers in the screenshot to the descriptions below.

1 - PO details

Here you will see the PO details, such as the PO name, PO number, and supplier quote number. Upon clicking the 3-dot menu of the PO, you will see options to export, archive, and delete the PO.

2 - Commercials

Here you will see the total order value of the products. You can also add shipping and tax amounts if applicable.

3 - Products

This is the area for finalizing the products you want to order. You will see two sections:

  • Add products - you can add products from ongoing projects, products that haven't been assigned a supplier, and select products from the Catalog to stockpile them.

  • Products - this will show all the products you are ordering through the PO along with the project name, quantity, and unit cost. You have the option to change the quantity, part number, and cost if needed.

4 - Buyer and supplier details

This is the area for finalizing the shipping, billing, and supplier details. Most of what you see here will come from your Company defaults and the defaults you have set for the supplier in the Supplier details page under "Settings > Catalog > Suppliers."

You have the option to change the defaults and add notes for the supplier or other members of your team.

Supplier switcher

If you have landed on the PO edit view by selecting products from multiple suppliers, you will see a Supplier switcher on the left to help you jump across POs and configure them one by one.

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