Adding Ready-To-Order products

How to add Ready-To-Order products across multiple projects to purchase orders

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"Ready-To-Order" is a Cloud functionality to help you collate a list of products that need to be procured from one or more suppliers. When you use this functionality across multiple projects, Cloud will build separate lists of products by their suppliers and this makes creating purchase orders (PO) and ordering easy.

All products marked as "Ready to Order" will be seen under "Orders > Ready to be Ordered" in the left navigation menu. Here you can see the Ready-to-Order products in two views—Supplier and Item.

Supplier view

In the Supplier view, the Ready-to-Order products are categorized by their suppliers. You will see supplier names and the number of Ready-to-Order products across all projects that need to be procured.

If you are new to using this view, you will first need to add suppliers and build out the view. To add a supplier, click "Add supplier," and click "Add" next to the name of the supplier. Once suppliers are added to this view, Cloud will automatically show the products that have been marked Ready-to-Order.

To create a PO for a supplier, click "Create PO" in the supplier's tile. This will open the modal with all products of the supplier listed by their projects.

Here, you have the option to add all products or only some products. Click "Add" to see the option to create a new PO or add the products to an existing PO.

Item view

In the Item view, you will see all Ready-to-Order products. You can select one, multiple, or all products and add them to new or existing POs.

Assigning suppliers

If some of the Ready-to-Order products have no suppliers assigned yet, click "Manage" on the top. This will open a modal to assign the suppliers.

You can assign suppliers project-by-project and product-by-product and add them to new or existing POs.

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