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Configure Shipping Options for Suppliers
Configure Shipping Options for Suppliers

Learn how to configure shipping options for suppliers and use them when ordering products

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Products ordered as part of Purchase Orders (PO) are shipped to your company address by default. Shipping also involves charges and timelines and they may vary by the supplier.

On D-Tools Cloud, you can add multiple 'Shipment Methods' to let your downlines choose an apt shipment method for POs depending on the priority of the project.

We don't provide any shipment methods by default. You can add one of more methods of your choice. When you add a method to Cloud, we expect that you are already aware of its conditions (charges, timelines, and other provisions) or have worked them out with the supplier. You should let your downlines know about the conditions of the shipment methods for different suppliers.

Add Shipping Methods

Go to Catalog > Orders > Shipping Methods and click "New shipping method" to add a shipping method.

The new method will get added to the shipping methods for all suppliers. This will happen every time you add a new method.

Set Default Shipping Options for Suppliers

Shipping Method

You can set a specific shipping method as the default for a supplier. The default shipping method appears on purchase orders when you order products. You can set different defaults for different suppliers based on their rates, timelines, and other provisions.

To set a default shipping method for a supplier:

  1. Go to Catalog > Orders > Suppliers, click the 3-dot menu, and "Edit" for the supplier. This opens the modal with all the details of the supplier.

  2. Now, click "Edit" in the Ordering Defaults section of the modal, and select the default shipping method.

Shipping Address

The default shipping address for all suppliers is the 'Company Address' listed on the Account > Company Profile page under Settings. This cannot be added in the Suppliers page. However, you can select from or add a new address when ordering in the PO.

Change Shipping Options when Ordering

Downlines that manage purchase orders can:

  • Use a different shipping method. For example, when an expedited delivery is required.

  • Use a different shipping address, when the products should be shipped to a branch office or the work site itself.

  • Add a note for the supplier in the PO.

  • Add any shipping costs that should be tracked in QuickBooks or the accounting platform you use.

Request D-Tools for New Shipping Methods

When ordering from our partners such as ADI, we are able to provide you more refined shipping methods through carriers such as FedEx and UPS.

If you want D-Tools Support to work suppliers and add more shipment methods, click the Green Chat icon in the lower right corner, start a new conversation and click “Customer Support”.

Chat with our Support team to explain the requirements of the shipping method. We'll work on this and add it to Cloud in one of the upcoming releases.

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