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Add Accessories to Products via Category Rules
Add Accessories to Products via Category Rules

Add basic Accessories for Products using Category rules to reduce your efforts to add them at the product level in the Catalog

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There are many ways to bundle accessories on D-Tools Cloud—to the Product Category, the Product Subcategory, the Product in the Catalog, or the Product in the quote. All these ways are designed to complement each other and help you choose the final list of accessories in the quote.

This article explains how to add accessories to a product category or subcategory. Check out these articles if you want to add accessories to the Catalog or the quote.

Adding accessories to products via Category rules is the quickest way to bundle accessories with products. Defining the accessories list for a category automatically applies the list to all products in the category. When products are added to quotes, the accessories are added, and you don’t have to worry about missing anything.

As a good practice, consult with your Installers and Service Technicians when you add accessories via Category rules.

Types of Accessories

Accessories can be classified as “Required”, “Recommended”, or “Optional”. Each classification comes with a preset level of flexibility when you add the associated product to the quote.

Check out this article for more details.

Add Accessories for a Product Category

Go to "Catalog > Categories" under Settings. Click the 3-dot menu of a product category and click “Edit”. In the “Accessories” area, add the accessories by searching for them in the Search bar.

If you check the product in the relevant category in the Catalog, you will see the list of accessories you added.

Update Accessories for a Product Subcategory

This may be required to fine-tune the accessories list. Maybe some category-level accessories don’t fit in a subcategory, or a subcategory needs more accessories.

On the Categories page, click the 3-dot menu of a product subcategory and click “Edit > Disable rule”.

Add accessories from the Search bar or delete the ones that came with the rule by clicking its 3-dot menu and clicking “Delete”. You can also change the classification and quantity of the accessories.

If you check the product in the relevant subcategory in the Catalog, you will see the list of updated accessories.

Apply Subcategory Changes to the Category

If the change in the accessories list at the subcategory level should be made available to the entire category, click the 3-dot menu in the Accessories area and click on the "Update items" prompt.

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