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Bundle accessories with products so you can don't have to spend time adding accessories as items in quotes

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While Products are packaged with items to make them fully functional, there is scope for adding "Accessories" to extend their functionality. Accessories make the parent products more useful and versatile. For example, a wall mount for a TV, HDMI for a Projector, speakers for a laptop computer, and so on.

Bundle Accessories with Products

On D-Tools Cloud, there are many ways to bundle accessories with products.

All these ways are designed to complement each other and help you choose the final list of accessories in the quote.

Types of Accessories

There are three types of accessories on Cloud; Required, Recommended, and Optional. Based on the type of accessory, you are either prompted or not prompted to add it when adding the parent product to the quote.

  1. Required - Automatically added without user intervention

  2. Recommended - Prompt and recommend including this accessory. Added without user intervention.

  3. Optional - Prompt to include this accessory. Added upon user selection.

You can classify an accessory as Required, Recommended, or Optional when adding it via Category Rule or from the Products Catalog. This classification can be changed any time, and the accessories are shown accordingly the next time the parent product is added.

Choose Accessories in Quote View

Every time you add a product with a Recommended or Optional accessory to a quote, you will see a modal at the bottom to add the accessories. 'Required' accessories are added automatically when the parent product is added.

After adding a product with accessories, the accessories are listed under the parent item.

Accessories in Proposal

In the proposal, accessories are not shown by default. You can edit the proposal template and choose to show the accessories. Check out this article for more details.

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