A Template, by definition, is a set of preferred options that are reused to reduce effort and for consistency. On D-Tools Cloud, you can define Templates for Proposals, Project Tasks, and the Proposal and Change Order (CO) emails you send to customers.

This topic explains how to add and use Email Templates Proposal and CO emails. Check out the following articles for the other types of Templates.

Why use Email Templates?

An Email Template helps you define a consistent subject, body, and signature for all Proposal and CO emails. You can add one Email Template and set it as a default for all emails or add multiple Email Templates, one each for a type of Project. For example, a Template each for Residential Projects, Commercial Projects, and Projects involving Integrators.

You can also edit the Template content before sending the email.

Add Email Template from Settings

If you want to start using Email Templates in the early days of using D-Tools Cloud, add one or more Templates from Settings.

Go to Settings > Proposal and click "Proposal Email Templates" or "CO Proposal Email Templates". The workflow to add both types of Templates is identical. When you are on the Templates page, click "New proposal email templates" or "New CO proposal email templates".

In the modal, add a name and a subject in the Template. Add the body and signature of the Template using the Text editor. Click "Create" to add the Template.

Set an Email Template as the Default

If you want to use a specific Proposal Template for your Proposals, you can set that Template as a default from "Proposal Email Templates" in Settings. This will always show the content for the Template for all Proposal emails.

The above can also be done for CO emails from "CO Proposal Email Templates" in Settings.

Change Email Template

When sharing the Proposal or CO, all Proposal and CO Templates you previously added are available from the "Templates" icon. Click "Change email template" and select another Template to change the Template for the email.

Add Email Template from a Unique Email

If you are writing an email with some good text you want to add to future Proposal emails, click "Save as new email template" from the Templates icon. The Template will be added to the Library and available for future Proposal emails.

The above is true for CO emails too.

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