The Xero integration is currently in BETA testing and participation is limited. Please contact sales@d-tools.com to inquire about availability.


You can create a Quote in Xero from a D-Tools Cloud Project. Once you have set up the Xero integration, when you open a Project the following prompt will display:

You can also choose to create the Quote at any time via the following menu option:

Create Contact

The first step is where you will create a new Contact in Xero, or map to an existing Contact:

This step will be bypassed if the Contact already exists in Xero.

Create Items

The next step is where you will create items in Xero that don't already exist, or you can map products and labor to existing items in Xero.

The "Code" and "Name" fields are required. The fields will populate based on your default settings but you can manually edit these fields if needed. There is a 30 character limit for the Code field and a 50 character limit for the Name field.

You can also choose whether or not to "Track Inventory Item" in Xero, which will determine which accounts are required to create the item. There is also a Tax Rate field available to set for each item's accounts.

You can also choose to Map to an existing item in Xero if you know it already exists vs. creating a new item.

Create Quote

The final step is where you can review the numbers prior to creating the Quote in Xero:

You can choose if you want to group the items on the Quote by Location or by System:

Once created you will get a confirmation displaying the Xero Quote Number:


If for any reason you want to re-create the Quote in Xero, you can unamp the Quote from the menu when viewing the Project in D-Tools Cloud.

Change Orders

Quotes in Xero can also be created for Change Orders in D-Tools Cloud.

You can choose to create a new quote or add to an existing quote. Whichever you choose you will be brought to the Create Items step if there are any items that don't exist in Xero, and then to the Create Quote step.

Note: Xero does not allow for negative quantities of items so when an item has been removed on a Change Order, the pricing will be negative. Also, the Xero API does not allow for a negative value Change Order to be created. This means that if the overall value of your Change Order is negative, you must add that to an existing Quote.

You also have the option to create Purchase Orders in Xero from D-Tools Cloud.

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