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Choose your default settings for Items and Quotes for creation in Xero.

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Once you have enabled the Xero integration, you may want to choose your default settings for Items and Quotes that you will be creating in Xero. You will create new items in Xero when creating a Quote or a Purchase Order.

In D-Tools Cloud, go to the Manage Integrations page under Settings and click Settings for Xero:


Xero Settings will open to the Products tab by default:

Item Code Format

Here you can choose whether set the code automatically or not. Item Code is a required field for items in Xero. If you choose not to enable this, you will need to manually create an Item Code for each item. When enabled, you will then choose up to three fields and the number of characters for your Item Code Format. A common format is to use Brand, followed by Model.

Note: There is a 30-character limit for Item Codes in Xero.

For these three fields, you can choose between: None, Brand, Model, or Part Number.

You can also choose a Separator from the list or you can manually type in any character you want to use.

Item Name Format

Here you can set a format for the Item Name for items that will be created in Xero. The options here are the same as for the Item Code Format.

Note: There is a 50-character limit for Item Names in Xero.

Map Items

Here you can choose whether you want to track inventory in Xero for Products and/or Allowances.

You can also choose which description, short or long, will be used for the purchase and sales description field in Xero.


On the Quote tab, you can set your default preferences:

Here you can choose whether to use the Short Description for items in the D-Tools Cloud Project or to use the Description field which is essentially the "Long Description" for the item.

You can also choose whether or not to export "client-supplied items" from the D-Tools Cloud Project to the Quote in Xero. This is not common but you may have a use case for this.

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