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Enable integration with Stripe and collect all payments directly from D-Tools Cloud

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This article explains how to enable Stripe integration with D-Tools Cloud. If you are new to Stripe, learn more about Stripe from their website.

Stripe is one of the Payment Processing solutions supported on D-Tools Cloud; the others are Clover Connect and ProPay.

*Stripe integration can be enabled only for businesses listed in the US.

Enable Integration

Go to "Integration > Manage Integrations" under Settings. Scroll down to the Payment Integrations group.

  1. Click "Get started" in the Stripe integration tile. This will open a modal with the terms and the scope of the integration.

  2. Select "I understand the above" and then "Proceed". This will initiate Stripe integration with D-Tools Cloud.

Existing Stripe Account

Enter the email associated with an existing Stripe account and click "Continue".

Enter the password for the Stripe account and click "Log in".

If you have enabled Google Authenticator or Security Key authentication, you'll be asked to enter the required details.

New Stripe Account

If you do not have a Stripe account and are creating it as part of the integration, you will need to go through the standard procedure from Stripe to create the account. This entails entering your business email in Step 3, setting up a password in Step 4, and then completing the step-by-step onboarding to enter details such as the business location, SSN, bank account, tax calculation, and so on.

Configure Integration

After you have enabled the integration with Stripe, click the "Settings" button in the Stripe integration tile. Here, you can do the following:

Enable Stripe as the default payment method for collecting the initial deposit.

Select "Enabled" and the customers will see an option to pay using Stripe when approving the proposal.

Set the Payment Modes

Under “Payment Method” select the allowed payment modes, the default payment mode, and the order in which they will be displayed to customers.

Click “Save” when you have set the defaults.

Set as Default Integration

*This is required only if you have enabled more than one payment integration and want to set Stripe as the default.

Click the 3-dot menu in the Stripe integration tile and click "Set as default payment integration."

This completes Stripe integration with D-Tools Cloud, and you are ready to collect deposits for your projects, contracts, and calls.

Collect Initial Deposit

With the Stripe integration enabled to collect initial deposit payment, Cloud will prompt the customer to make the initial deposit payment through Stripe when approving the proposal.

Collect Other Payments

For other payments, such as those for Project milestone completion, Service Contracts, and Service Calls, their payment requests will show an option to collect payment through Stripe.

When the customer opts to submit the payment for the request, Cloud will show a prompt to make the payment through Stripe.


Does D-Tools track any payment information?

When your customers use Stripe to make payments, all the payment details, including sensitive payment information, are sent directly to Stripe.

Cloud will only track the status of the payment and change the status based on the billing and due dates and when the payment is successful.

Can I disable Stripe temporarily?

Yes. Click “Settings” in the Stripe tile and click “Disabled.”

Cloud will not show the prompt to make initial deposit payments through Stripe for proposals under review by customers and new ones.

Cloud will also not show the “Payment Methods” tile in the payment requests.

I do not want to use Stripe for all payments.

Initial Deposit Payment

If you do not want to use Stripe to collect the initial deposit, click the “Settings” wheel located in the lower-left corner of the Quote view, click “Edit” in the “Payment Terms” tile, and disable Stripe.

Project milestones, Service Contracts, and Service Calls Payment

If you do not want to use Stripe to collect payment for the payment requests, open the payment request, click the “Settings” wheel in the top-right corner of the request, click “Payment Methods,” and disable Stripe.

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