With our Premium* ProPay integration you can collect electronic payments as part of the Proposal Acceptance process. This is a great way to get approval on a new project and collect you initial deposit without the hassle of sending a check in the mail.

*Premium integrations are only available to paying customers.

How do I enable the integration?

To get started you will first need to sign up for the ProPay service by creating a new ProPay Merchant Account from within D-Tools Cloud. The sign up is easy, secure, and ProPay will instantly notify you of your approval.

To begin the signup process, navigate to Settings and then to the "Manage" option under the Integrations section. Locate the ProPay integration under the Premium Integrations section and click the "Add" button. 

Next, a dialog will appear with additional information about ProPay and their pricing. It is here that you will click the "Sign Up" button to begin the account creation process.

In the displayed dialog you will be asked to complete ProPay's account creation form. D-Tools does not store any of the information collected on this form, it is only passed through to ProPay securly. 

If you are approved for a merchant account, you will be redirected to a form which will explain how to access your ProPay account, your transaction limits, and how to customize the integration for use. ProPay will email you with important account information and details on how to sign in to your new Merchant Account.

If you were not approved for a ProPay account, ProPay will email you with next steps and you will complete the signup process with them directly. 

How do I configure the integration

Once you have successfully signed up for a ProPay Merchant Account you will have the option to customize the integration for use within D-Tools Cloud.

The Primary options include the following:

  • Enable by default - This is an option to automatically enable electronic payments on all new Proposals. This can always be overridden at the individual Quote level and is merely a default setting.

  • Payment Methods - Here you can choose which payment methods you want to include by default for your customers. 

In addition to these options, we also provide the ability to disconnect the integration if you wish to no longer use this services and a button for accessing the account sign-in page on ProPay (which is where you will manage your ProPay account).

In addition to these global options you will have Quote-specific overrides to address the needs for each of your customers individually.

How do I use the integration

After optionally setting the default options for the integration you can choose similar options on a quote-by-quote basis. If you chose to enable the integration by default we'll automatically present this in all newly created proposals - choosing your initial payment term as the deposit amount. Next we'll show you how to make changes, including setting which payment options to deliver, on an individual quote.

To access the Quote-level integration settings, you will need to navigate to a Quote and then to the Quote's settings (accessed from the header's more menu).

Now, choose the option to edit payment terms.

From the Payment Terms form you can,

  • Choose to enable or disable the ProPay payment processing for the Quote's Proposal.

  • Set the amount to collect. This will be directly pulled from one of your Payment Options.

  • Choose which payment options to include.

Now when you share your proposal, you customer will see the payment options you included after they accept the proposal (ex. below).

Other helpful info

Does D-Tools track any payment information?

When your customer's make an electronic payment, the details of the payment - including all sensitive payment information - is sent directly to ProPay. 

Can I collect progress payments with this integration?

At the time of release, the integration only provides the ability to collect payments through Proposals.

Transaction limits

Transaction limits are set at the time your ProPay Merchant Account is created. You can contact ProPay to negotiate different transaction limits to meet your individual needs.

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