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Setup Permissions for Users in your Account
Setup Permissions for Users in your Account

Manage your account's users by restricting their permissions

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Permissions give you a way to restrict access in certain parts of the application. To configure permissions, you will need to have the following:

  1. You must be an admin or a user with admin rights, so you can edit permissions

  2. You must have other users in your account you can configure their permissions.

Inviting Users

When you invite users you will be asked to enter the email in of the user. You will also be able to configure what their permissions are. You can either choose from a preset group of permissions from a user group, or you can customize the permissions.

User Groups

A user group is a set of permissions saved for future use so you can define what a specific user type in your company might see (examples include Salesperson, Installer, Engineer, etc.).

When you invited a user, or when you edit a user's permissions, you can use these user groups to set the users permissions, or you can use it as a starting place, and change to a custom set of permissions


We are always looking to enhance our permissions as we add new features and get permission requests. To turn off a permission, simply uncheck the permission you want to remove for the user. Don't forget to save after editing.

For help on the permissions, hover over the info icons for a better description of the permission.

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