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Setting up access permissions for Office users
Setting up access permissions for Office users

How to set up permissions for Office users in your account

Written by Ashok P
Updated over a week ago

There are three ways to assign the required permissions to Office users in your Cloud account.

1 - Assign users to built-in user groups

Cloud comes with two built-in User Groups—Administrator and User. The Administrator group has access to all functionality on Cloud. The User group has access to all of the Project Management functionality, but restricted access to other functionality.

When inviting a user, you will be asked to assign them to the Administrator or User group. You can assign them to any group as you deem fit.

2 - Assign custom permissions

When inviting a user, you have the option to assign them custom permissions without associating them with any existing user group including the built-in Administrator and User groups.

To do this, click "Customize permissions" in the Invite Office users modal, and select the required permissions.

3 - Move users to custom user groups

Cloud allows the creation of custom user groups. A custom user group can be assigned a specific set of permissions relevant to the role the users in it play in your business.

Once you have finalized and created the custom user groups you need, you can move users from built-in user groups and ones with custom permissions to the relevant custom user groups.

To move a user to a custom user group, click the 3-dot menu of the user, click "Edit," and select the group from the Group drop-down.

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