Creating an Adjustment

There are two different types of price adjustments that you can apply to your quote:

  1. Product Adjustment

  2. Labor Adjustment

If you want to set a price adjustment on your quote, simply open your quote and click the "Review" tab on the left-hand menu. Scroll down until you see the "Adjustments" field and click on the pencil icon to set an adjustment.

Product and labor adjustments can also be set on their respective tabs within this "Review" section as well.

You have the freedom to make adjustments positive or negative, as well as change whether it's a price based adjustment or percentage-based by clicking the % | $ button beside the value field. You can also specify whether or not the adjustment is taxable.

Adjustments on the Quote

On the proposal itself, adjustments will be displayed in the pricing summary section. You can personalize the label for this adjustment as you see fit. If both product and labor adjustments were specified, both will be combined into one line item on the quote.

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