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How can I set a Price Adjustment on a Quote?
How can I set a Price Adjustment on a Quote?

Add discounts or upcharges as Price Adjustments in Quotes

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Price Adjustments are discounts and upcharges you can add to the Products and Labor in a Project. Price Adjustments are set in the Quote, and you can show these Adjustments with familiar names before presenting the Proposal. For example, "Seasonal Discount", "Peak Season Surcharges", "Freight Charges", "Miscellaneous Accessories", and so on.

Add Adjustments

We don't provide any Adjustments by default. You should add the required Adjustments from Catalog > Adjustments in Settings. A Price Adjustment can either be Positive or Negative and can be a fixed amount or a percentage. You can also specify whether or not the Adjustment is taxable.

When adding the Adjustment to the Quote, you can specify whether it should be added to the Products value, Labor value, or the Overall value of the Project.

Auto-Apply Adjustments

You can also set one or more Adjustments to Auto-Apply to the Overall value in Quotes. Click the 3-dot menu of the Adjustment and click Auto apply.

*If you do not want an auto-applied Adjustment in a Quote, you will need to delete it manually from the Quote.

Add Existing Adjustments to a Quote

To add an existing Adjustment to a Quote:

  1. Open your Quote and click the "Review" tab on the left-hand menu.

  2. Click the "Pencil" icon for Adjustment. This will open the "Add Adjustment" modal, and the Auto-Applied Adjustment(s) will be seen here.

  3. Select the Adjustment you want to add.

  4. Specify whether it applies to the Product cost, Labor cost, or both.

  5. Optionally, you can edit the amount, percentage, and tax settings only for this Proposal. This won't impact the original Adjustment in Settings.

In this example, we select an existing Adjustment for a 10% discount, increase the discount to 15%, and apply it to the Overall value of the Project.

Add New Adjustment to a Quote

If you want to add a unique Adjustment to a Quote, in the "Add Adjustment" modal, add a new name for the Adjustment and define it like you would define it in Settings.

Check the "Save for future quotes" checkbox to save the Adjustment to the global list of Adjustments. This Adjustment will now be available in Settings > Catalog > Adjustments, and you can use it for future Quotes.

Adjustments on a Proposal

All Adjustments are displayed as a single entry in the Proposal in the Summary section. Click Preview Proposal in the upper right corner and click the Edit icon in the Summary section.

You can personalize the label for this Adjustment as you see fit. Here, we changed the label to "Misc. Costs".

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