Ordering across a company can cross multiple projects or for smaller companies might be something that is just ordering across a project. This article explains how you can order across a project, if you want to order across multiple projects or have a process where employees request products ordered, you may want to check out ordering across multiple projects.

Order All Products for a Project

When you are ready to start a project and need to order products for the entire project, there are a few ways to do so, but the most efficient way is to click the big green "Order All" button in the upper right of the project's bill of materials (BOM). 

Order Selected Products for a Project

If you don't want to order all the products in a project at once, you can also select products you want to order and select the "Order Now" option.

  1. To Start check/select the products you want to order
  2. The product sidebar will open on the right side. 
  3. Click the split button in the sidebar in the ordering section
  4. Click the Order Now option

Filtering products

In the project bill of materials, we have added some filters to the left sidebar. Here you can filter by phase, order status, supplier, brand, and category. And of course you can still view by location and system. This makes it really easy to filter by Trim, Order Now, and send out the purchase orders.

Order Status

Order status is a manual status field that you can keep track of the products order status. The status are below:

  • Unordered
  • Ready to Order
  • Draft
  • Ordered Received
  • In Stock 
  • Client Supplied

Draft Purchase Orders

After you have clicked the "Order All" or the "Order Now" button, you will have created purchase orders. You will enter in the information for the purchase order or maybe you will have decided you want to cancel these purchase orders, when you close the purchase order, it will be saved as a draft purchase order(s). You can access these draft purchase orders from the Orders area of the application.

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To cancel the purchase order, you will have to go to the orders area and delete the created purchase orders manually.

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