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Connecting to TD Synnex Pricing
Connecting to TD Synnex Pricing
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Starting on October 3rd, 2023, D-Tools Cloud will include a direct pricing integration to TD Synnex. Using the pricing integration, authorized TD Synnex dealers can get real-time, dealer-specific pricing via the D-Tools Cloud to TD Synnex integration. This integration also replaces the previous integration for TechData - Sony.

Unlike other direct partner integrations, TD Synnex requires a few unique steps before you can connect to their API for product pricing:

  1. In order to receive integrated pricing requests through TD Synnex's pricing API, you must have an EC Express account. If you do not have an EC Express account, you need to contact for assistance in setting up an account.

  2. Once you have a EC Express account, you will need to register for Price & Availability (PA) API access. To register for access you need to submit a request to with the subject of "Register for Price & Availability (PA) API access".

  3. Once your account has been registered for access, you will receive a reply email with confirmation of account setup. Replies should occur within 24 business hours from the time of initial request. Until you receive this email your account will not be setup for access and you will get a error message when trying to connect.

After you receive the confirmation of account access from TD Synnex, you can return to the authorization and enter your Customer Number and your EC Express login information to connect your account for pricing.

If you do not complete all the steps listed above you will receive this error message:

If you receive this error message you need to contact for more information as this is an error resulting from their system.

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