Enable integration with Salesforce CRM and synchronize records with D-Tools Cloud

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This article explains how to integrate Salesforce CRM with D-Tools Cloud.


This integration helps you enable uni-directional or bi-directional synchronization of the following between D-Tools Cloud and Salesforce CRM:

  • Client and Contact Accounts

  • Opportunities


  • A role in Salesforce with permissions to add custom fields for objects and create API keys.

  • The opportunity stages in D-Tools Cloud and Salesforce CRM need to be identical for a clear synchronization when the opportunity stage is changed in either of the two.


You have the option to enable uni-directional or bi-directional synchronization in the integration.

Create a Custom field for the Account object

On the Salesforce console, add a custom “Text” field under the Account object. Name the field as “Client or Contact identifier” or such.

*When adding an account in Salesforce, ensure that you populate the custom field.

This field is needed only if you want to enable account synchronization from Salesforce to D-Tools Cloud. This field will update the Client number on D-Tools Cloud when accounts created in Salesforce are pushed to D-Tools Cloud.

Obtain Salesforce API key

On the Salesforce console, create an API key.

The key is needed only if you want to enable opportunity synchronization from D-Tools Cloud to Salesforce.

Enable the integration under Settings

  1. Go to “Settings > Integration” on D-Tools Cloud. The Salesforce integration is listed under “CRM integrations.”

  2. Click “Connect” to enable the integration.

  3. In the modal, enter the API key you created in Salesforce.

  4. Choose the synchronization options for the integration.

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