Obtaining client sign-off

How to obtain a sign-off from the customer upon completing the service call

Written by Ashok P
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Upon completing a service call, you can obtain a sign-off from the customer to ensure that the customer is fully aware of the repairs, replacements, and installs completed during the call.

To obtain a sign-off, click "Finish" once you have updated the work summary. This will take you to the sign-off form.

  • Upon clicking "Accept & Sign," the customer can read the work summary and add their email, name, and signature to acknowledge the work done on the call. Cloud will save the email, name, and timestamp of when the work summary was signed off. This will be visible in the invoice and service history of the call.

  • You have the option to skip the sign-off if needed.

Either way, the call is moved to the "Ready for Payment Request" status in the Office user view.

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