Employee Attendance Tracking

How to use the Time Tracking functionality on Cloud for tracking employee attendance

Written by Ashok P
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Cloud's "Project Time Tracking" functionality can be used to create daily attendance timesheets for Office Users and Field Users working in your company.

To add an attendance time entry, go to "Reports > Time Entries" in the left navigation menu, and click "Add time entry" in the top-right corner.

This will open the modal to add the attendance time entry. Here, do the following:

1 - Retain your name or select the resource whose attendance time entry you are adding.

2 - Add the date(s).

  • To add a day's attendance, select only the "From Date" in the "Date(s)" text box.

  • To add a week's attendance, select "From Date" and "To Date."

3 - Now, either add the daily stipulated hours in the "Hours Worked" text box or add the "Start Time" and "End Time." For example, "08:00" or select "9:00 AM" to "5:00 PM" to add a day's attendance.

4 - Do not select anything in the Project Task and Labor Type text boxes.

5 - Click "Add" to add the attendance time entries.

You will now see one row each for the dates you have specified in the time entry. These rows will show "Type = General," indicating that the entries are not factored as project hours.

For example, if you are adding weekly attendance, you will see 5 rows of time entries.

At the end of the month, you can simply select a resource in the "Filters" menu at the top and export their attendance for the month.

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