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D-Tools Cloud Implementation and Training Requirements
D-Tools Cloud Implementation and Training Requirements

Implementation, Training

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The intent of this procedure is to ensure D-Tools Cloud customers can properly prepare for implementation and training sessions. The items outlined below are the basic requirements to successfully implement D-Tools Cloud.


The implementation and training calls are conducted on a round-robin basis by a member of the Cloud Customer Success Team. Both Andriy and Leigh Ann have extensive knowledge of D-Tools Cloud and combined share hundreds of hours of experience in implementing and training new and existing Cloud customers.

  1. Meetings are conducted virtually using Microsoft Teams.

  2. The calls are generally scheduled in 1-hour increments unless special accommodations are requested/agreed upon prior.

  3. Before scheduling, please make sure you have an active Cloud subscription and can access your Cloud account.

  4. If you previously had a Cloud trial, this instance will be converted into the paid subscription after purchase, and you'll be able to log in with the same user credentials or utilize the "Forgot your password?" option on the Cloud login page to recover those credentials.

  5. It's best to connect using a desktop or a laptop vs. iPads or other mobile devices when it comes time to initiate the screen share.

  6. Before scheduling, please make sure the machine you're joining from has a working microphone and speakers to avoid technical difficulties.

  7. A 24-hour advance notice is appreciated for any potential meeting cancellations or reschedules.


  1. Logo Image.

  2. Labor Rates Cost/Price.

  3. Tax rates – If not planning to use the built-in location-based Avalara tax lookup feature.

  4. Current Payment Term %/Structure.

  5. Supplier Account Numbers/Account Login Credentials.

  6. If applicable, CSV or Excel file containing products for import into Cloud from another application.

  7. If applicable, CSV or Excel file containing Clients/Contacts for import into Cloud from another application.

  8. Emails of additional users for sending out user invites.


  1. D-Tools Clouds QuickBooks permissions.

  2. QuickBooks admin login credentials.

Proposal Templates:

  1. An example of a current/previous proposal or desired mockup example.

  2. Images, Videos, and Hyperlinks the company would like to embed within the Multimedia Proposal Template.

  3. Terms & Conditions in text or word document format.

Sales Training:

  1. An example of a small previous project (training will include building a sample Quote or rebuilding a previous project in D-Tools Cloud during the training.)

  2. An example PDF floor plan from a current/previous job to demo Plan View functionality.

Project Management:

  1. An example of the current tasking or scheduling structure (if available).

  2. Review current or previous scheduling application (calendar view).

  3. Creation of tasks

  4. Review calendar views.


  1. An example of all current Service Plans offered.

  2. List of rates:

    1. Truck roll.

    2. Drive time.

    3. Service tech rate(s).

  3. Terms & Conditions in text or Word document format.

Field User:

  1. List of Field Users including First and Last Name, Email Address, and Phone Number (if possible, please send user invites to the desired users before the training call.)

  2. Have all Field Users attend the training session or will be recorded to share with users who were unavailable during the training time.

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