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Plan Length and Billing Frequency discounts
Plan Length and Billing Frequency discounts

How to provide Plan Length and Billing Frequency discounts in service plans

Written by Ashok P
Updated over a week ago

Cloud already has options to add discounts on items and the overall value of the project. We have extended the ability to provide discounts to the Service Management suite too.

Plan Length discount

Plan length specifies the duration for which the service plan will be active. You can specify a discount when adding the plan length under "Service > Settings."

Setting a higher discount on long-running plans can entice customers into committing to bigger service deals.

Billing Frequency discount

Billing frequency defines the intervals for billing the customer for the service contract.

We provide the following billing frequency intervals by default—Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual, and One Time. They come without any discounts assigned to them.

To add a discount for a billing frequency, click "Edit" and add the discount value.

Discounts in thequote

You get to add the plan length and billing frequency choices when adding the service plan to the quote.

Discounts in the proposal

Discounts associated with the plan lengths and billing frequencies are visible in the proposal. The customer can choose a desired plan length and billing frequency for the plan.

Two discounts

If a customer chooses a plan length and a billing frequency with discounts, then both discounts are added at once.

For example, for a plan with a plan length of 10% discount and a billing frequency discount of another 10%, the total discount on the service contract payment is 20%.

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