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User Permissions for Service Management
User Permissions for Service Management

User permissions required to manage Service Plans and Service Calls on Cloud

Written by Ashok P
Updated over a week ago

Service Management introduces some new Service-related user permissions on Cloud. The following are the permissions.

*Sales representatives will require the "Create and manage service plans" permission if they want to edit the Service Plan when adding it to a Quote.

Existing User Groups

By default, users in the built-in "Administrator" user group are assigned all the Services-related permissions. Users in the built-in "User" group are not assigned Services-related permissions.

If you want to assign Services-related permissions to your custom user groups, click "Edit" for the user group, and this will open the modal with the permissions. Enable the required Services-related permissions.

New User Groups

If you want a new team to manage services, click "New user group," enable the required Services-related permissions, and add users to the new group.

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