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Collecting Payment for Change Orders
Collecting Payment for Change Orders

How to collect payment for Change Orders

Written by Ashok P
Updated over a week ago

Once a Change Order (CO) is “Accepted” by the customer, the payments related to the CO are also displayed in the “Details > Payments” tab in the Project view.

A CO will use the default payment term set for the CO under “Settings > Quote > Payment Terms.” You have the option to change the payment term in the Project view.

With one or more COs included in the project, the “Project Total” tile will show the amount with the COs’ amounts added to the original project value.

Once the payment term and the schedule are set for the CO, you can create and share the payment requests for the CO.

Check out these articles for more details, as the process of managing the payment schedule and payment requests for COs and projects is similar.

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