Project Payments

Getting Started with Project Payments

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Once you start completing the work involved in the different phases of a project, it is time to start collecting payments as per the project's payment schedule.

Payments tab

All project payments, including the initial deposit and the milestone payments, are listed under “Details > Payments” in the Project view. For a project that has just started, you will see an entry for the initial deposit in the “Project Payments” tile.

When you start requesting payments for other milestones, the tiles for “Requested,” “Paid,” and “Balance” will auto-update to show the actuals of the last requested amount, the total amount paid, and the balance amount.

The following screenshot shows a project where the customer has paid the initial deposit. The next milestone payment request has been sent, and the “Requested,” “Paid,” and “Balance” tiles show the updated amounts.

Payment status

For every payment request made to the customer, Cloud has a column to track the status of the payment.

  • Once you have shared the request, Cloud will change the payment status to “Requested.”

  • Cloud will automatically change the status “Due” and “Overdue” based on the payment schedule.

  • If the payment is collected using a Payment Integration, Cloud will update the status to “Paid.” Otherwise, you will need to do this manually.

Requesting milestone payments

When a milestone of a project is complete, you can request payment for the milestone by creating and sharing the request with the customer.

Check out this article for more details about requesting payment for project milestones.

Payment reminders

For every payment request you make to the customer, Cloud will send reminder emails to the owner of the opportunity and the project seven days before the due date, on the due date, and the day after the due date.

If you want to disable some email notifications, check out this article about setting email notification preferences for payment requests.

Payment integrations

Cloud supports integrations with Payment Processing solutions such as ProPay, Stripe, and Clover Connect. This allows you to collect payments for your projects directly from D-Tools Cloud.

Check out this article for more details about Payment Integrations.

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