Pushing the payment request to QuickBooks

How to push payment requests for Service Contracts and Service Calls to QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop

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You have the option to push payment requests for service contracts and service calls to QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop. If you have not enabled a QuickBooks integration on Cloud, check out these articles about integrating them.

This article explains how to push the payment request to QuickBooks Online. The workflow to push the request to QuickBooks Desktop is similar.

If you have enabled the QuickBooks Online integration, you will see that D-Tools has already specified the "Invoice settings" for the integration under "Settings > Integration > Manage Integrations."

Here are the steps to push payment requests to QuickBooks Online.

1 - Initiate the push on Cloud

To initiate the push, go to the payment request of a service contract or service call. You will see an Orange prompt at the top with a "Create QuickBooks Online Invoice" button. Click this button, and you will see a modal with the consequent steps to create the invoice from the payment request.

The following screenshot is for a service contract payment request. You will see a similar prompt on the service call payment request.

2 - Customer

On the Customer tab, you will need to do one of the following:

Create QuickBooks customer

Create a new customer record in QuickBooks if you have not previously exported the customer to QuickBooks.

Map to QuickBooks customer

Map the customer to an existing customer record in QuickBooks.

3 - Item

On the Items tab, under "Create Item," you will need to add the service plan used for the contract to QuickBooks. Adding a service plan to QuickBooks is a one-time activity, and you will need to add the plans when you push the first payment request for a plan to QuickBooks.

Once a service plan is added, for any future payment requests for contracts that use this service plan, you will need to map the plan under "Map Item."

In this example, for pushing a service contract payment request, we created the service plan "Essentials" as a "Service" item in QuickBooks and specified that the invoices for this plan come under the "Services Income" for the company. When pushing a service call payment request, you will need to create or map products and labor types.

*Cloud provides an option to sync products, labor types, and allowances to QuickBooks outside of the push estimate workflow. This helps you prep QuickBooks for estimates that span over a large number of products and labor types.

For Service, the option to sync service plans and service labor types to QuickBooks upfront has not been enabled yet. You will see this option in one of the upcoming releases.

4 - Invoice

On the Invoice tab, click "Create" to create the invoice. The invoice number of the invoice created in QuickBooks is synced with Cloud and seen on the payment request you pushed to QuickBooks.

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