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Use D-Tools Labor Recommendations

Set the Category Option to Suggest and use D-Tools Labor recommendations in quotes

Written by Ashok P
Updated over a week ago

Category rules help you automate the process of adding labor estimates when you add products to quotes. This requires that you set the Category Option setting to "On" under "Settings > Catalog > Categories" and either use the D-Tools labor estimate or update the estimate to specify your own labor estimate.

Another way to leverage our labor estimate is to accept our labor recommendations directly in the quote. This requires that you set the Category Option to "Suggest."

This approach to specifying labor for products is typically useful when you first start using D-Tools Cloud. You can set the option to "Suggest" at any time. However, changing this setting from "On" or "Off" has some implications for the labor you have already added at the category level.

Check out this article for more details.

Upon setting the option to "Suggest," you will start seeing our labor estimate in "Blue" in the product's sidebar. You can accept the estimate and update it or ignore it and add your own estimate.

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