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Key Elements of a Winning Proposal
Key Elements of a Winning Proposal

Tips on how D-Tools Cloud helps improve the way your proposals look

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It’s no secret that writing proposals can be a bit challenging. How you present is a pretty big deal because it sets the tone for what to expect when working with you. We meet with thousands of companies each year who share the common goal of wanting to improve the way their proposals look. Here are some ideas on how you can make your proposals look more professional and what elements are most impactful – making it easy for clients to choose YOU.

Make it timely

When a potential client starts looking at electronic system solutions, the clock is already ticking and you have a small window of opportunity to win their business. Most people are in the mode of making a decision and can’t wait to check it off the long list of decisions they need to make - a quick turnaround is paramount! Delivering a timely, professional proposal demonstrates your responsiveness to their needs which may be a key factor in their decision to choose you.

Compiling all the sections needed can be time-consuming, e.g. cover page, project description, service contract, terms and conditions. Using a proposal software to create templates saves time through automation, allowing for quick turnarounds on proposal requests.

Why you?

Shine a spotlight on three areas: credentials, brand differentiation, and core values. This is the perfect time to turn up the heat and have some fun flexing your muscles. Perhaps you offer interior design consulting so they can create the ultimate experience or provide services to the client after the project is completed. Clients still need to know they’re dealing with a professional that can deliver a unique solution beyond their wildest dreams.

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Your company profile, project gallery, testimonials, and social proof are examples of a credentials pitch. D-Tools Cloud’s multimedia proposals allow you to go beyond the printed page and add impactful content that engages the client. Upload a video testimonial or include a sleek gallery of your previous work.

Project description

Clearly define needs and your plan to help them achieve their goals. Present the scope in a way that is concise, easy to read, and most importantly easy to understand (as opposed to a lot of mumbo jumbo they might get from other “techie” contractors).

Creating a global project description that you can use repeatedly as part of a proposal template is ideal (see above). This way, you can remove the parts that don’t apply and quickly tweak it for each client. Much easier than creating new scopes each time.

Provide options

People like choices. Give your clients the power to basically design their own system and set their own price from within the proposal.

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Going back and forth about proposal revisions significantly slows down the sales cycle. Speed up decision making by providing optional products, systems and locations so they can quickly finalize your contract.

Visual documentation

Did you know that 65% of people are visual learners? Living in the age of visual information, graphics are key and play an important role in the rate at which we process information. Research shows that images are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.


D-Tools Cloud visual quoting offers a modern style of presenting information that is visually appealing. Simply upload a floor plan and stamp icons on top to create your quote. Each icon you add represents a product being added to the BOM.

Electronic acceptance

Are you easy to do business with? Allowing for e-signatures is one of those things where if you offer it, nobody will notice because it’s expected. However, if it’s hard to do business with you that’s a red flag.

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Along with e-signatures, you can also close sales gaps by enabling payment integrations. This gives you the ability to collect payment via proposals and change orders to help you get paid faster.

With the tips above, you will be well on your way to having a winning proposal. Now you have found the right software to accomplish this. We are committed to your success!

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