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Automatic Service Contract Renewal
Automatic Service Contract Renewal

How to set the service contract for an Automatic Renewal on its expiration date

Written by Ashok P
Updated over a week ago

Cloud provides a distinct feature "Automatic Plan Renewal" for service plans. You can include this feature in your service plans to let Cloud automatically renew the relevant contract on the expiration date of the plan.

To include the "Automatic Plan Renewal" feature, add it to an existing plan or when creating a new one. You also have the following options when defining this feature:

  • Setting the duration of the extension for the contract.

  • Hiking the original Base Price of the plan, to take product aging and inflation into account.

In this example, we defined the Automatic Plan Renewal feature to renew the contract for an additional 12 months with a 10% increase in the Base Price.

The process of adding the Automatic Plan Removal feature to a plan is similar to adding other features.

Check out this article for more details about adding Features to a service plan.

* Features to auto-calculate and display the new Base Price for the extended contract duration and show it in the payment requests will be made available in future releases.

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