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Service Management Overview
Service Management Overview

Introduction to Service Management and its key features

Written by Ashok P
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D-Tools Cloud now has a robust Service Management Suite. You will now be able to expand your business beyond installation and programming projects by offering product repair and replacement services. This opens up new opportunities for profitability, even for old projects or products installed by a third party.

The Service Management functionality is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing Quoting, Proposal Sharing, and Proposal Acceptance experience. You can add one or more Service Plans to a quote and share the proposal with your customers. Once the proposal is accepted and the contract is secured, your team can log Service Calls for the customer and dispatch technicians to fulfill the service requests. This streamlines the entire service process and ensures efficient management of customer service needs.


The Service Management features in D-Tools Cloud is comprehensive and continuously evolving to meet your service needs. Here are some key features that are currently available for you to leverage:

  1. Flexible Feature Definitions: build Service Plans using our example Features or create your own Feature definitions to show the overall Service Coverage in the plans

  2. Customizable Workdays and Service Windows: define your workdays and Service Windows to effectively manage and fulfill service requests based on your availability and operational hours

  3. Dynamic pricing options: set a Fixed price or a Dynamic price for the service plans, which is auto-calculated based on the value of the project; easily adjust pricing based on project size or complexity

  4. Multiple Service Plans in Proposals: add multiple Service Plans in your proposals, giving your customers the flexibility to choose a suitable plan that best fits their needs and budget

  5. Efficient Service Call Management: log Service Calls, schedule technicians during Service Hours and After Hours, and track the progress of Service Calls using Service Call Statuses, ensuring smooth management of service requests from initiation to completion

  6. Integrated Payment Collection: collect payments for Service Contracts and Service Calls using payment integrations such as Propay and Clover Connect, streamlining your billing process and improving cash flow

  7. Intuitive Field User View: allow your technicians to efficiently work on Service Calls, categorize products by the nature of service (repair or replacement), request replacement product availability with the back office, add manual labor time, and more

QuickStart guide

We understand that getting started with a new tool can sometimes feel overwhelming, which is why we have put together a comprehensive QuickStart Guide to assist you with D-Tools Cloud Service Management.

This guide is designed to provide you with step-by-step instructions and helpful tips to quickly familiarize yourself with the features and functionalities of our Service Management Suite.

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