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Changing Tax Rates for a service call

Changing Labor tax rate and Product tax rate when requesting payment for a service call

Written by Ashok P
Updated over a week ago

On D-Tools Cloud, Labor tax rates and Product tax rates are configured under “Settings > Catalog > Taxes”. You have the ability to add multiple Product and Labor tax rates.

Check out this article for more details.

Default Labor Tax

For labor provided during a service call, Cloud will apply the Labor tax rate specified in the service contract.

Default Product Tax

For replacement products and new products or accessories installed during a service call, Cloud will apply the Product tax rate you selected under “Settings > Catalog > Taxes”.

Changing Tax Rates

To modify the Labor tax or Product tax for a service call, click the Settings icon in the service call Details view and click “Tax Settings”. This will open a modal to change the tax rates.

You can change the Labor tax and Product tax and even change the tax method to “Set on each item individually”.

To apply tax rates on an individual basis, navigate to the work summary of the call and follow these steps:

  • Click the 3-dot menu of a replacement product or accessory and apply the applicable tax rate from the sidebar.

  • Click the labor Time and apply the tax rate in the modal to add labor.

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