Working on a service call

How to work on a service call

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Once you click “Begin” on the call tile and begin the call, a timestamp will be recorded and you will see the following fields for the call.

1 – Issue reported & service history

*Read-only format* This is the issue description that the back office added to the call log.

2 – Issue found

Describe the issue(s) you discovered in the product(s).

3 – Action taken

Describe what you did to resolve the issues.

4 – Next steps

*Optional* This area is helpful if replacements are involved in the call and the call will require multiple visits. You can also add information that will make it easier for the technician who will be scheduled for the next visit.

5 – Checklist

This usually comes from the back office. You have the ability to add checklist items as well.

6 – Products

Add the products involved in the call. There are separate workflows to add products.

Check out these articles for more details:

7 – Attachments

Add photos of damaged products, cables, or anything relevant to the call.

8 – Finishing the job

When you have completed the call log updates, click “Finish Job” and Cloud will automatically add the timestamp.

9 – Work summary

Finishing the job will take you to the Work Summary of the call. Here, you can review the details you entered for the call.

If you want to add labor time manually, check out this article.

10 - Completing the call

Click “Finish” to complete the call.

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