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Truck Roll Fee and Drive Time fee

Adding default Truck Roll fee and Drive Time fee and updating them in the Work Summary of a service call

Written by Ashok P
Updated over a week ago

Cloud has two options to factor in the travel charges incurred for a service call—Truck Roll fee and Drive Time fee.

Truck Roll fee is levied for using a transport vehicle to bring the products to the work site.

Drive Time fee is levied for the time taken to drive to the work site. It is calculated as a multiple of the Drive Time Rate per hour and the number of driving hours added for the call.

Defining default fees under Settings

You have the option to set a default Truck Roll fee and a default Drive Time rate per hour under “Settings > Service > Mobilization.” You can also set tax rates for these fees if needed.

Once these defaults are added, Cloud will add the default Truck Roll fee and use the default Drive Time rate to calculate the Drive Time fee for all service calls.

Defining Truck Roll fee as a Service feature

Truck roll fee can also be defined as a Service Feature on Cloud and included in a Service Plan. If a Truck Roll fee feature exists for a Contract, this takes precedence over the Truck Roll fee set under Settings, and all calls for the contract will use the fee set in the feature.

Updating fees in Office user view

Typically, the technician updates the drive time in a service call, and the Drive Time fee is added to the call log. The Truck Roll fee is automatically added to the call log if you have a fee set under Mobilization or the contract has a service feature for the Truck Roll fee.

If needed, you can edit these fees in the Office user view.

Edit Truck Roll fee

Navigate to the Work Summary tab of the call, click the “Edit” icon for the Truck Roll fee, and change the fee and tax rate.

Edit Drive Time fee

Navigate to the Work Summary tab, and click the “Edit” icon for the Drive Time fee. Change the driving time, Drive Time Rate per hour, and tax rate.

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