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Viewing Technicians’ schedule

Viewing the Service Call schedule of your field technicians

Written by Ashok P
Updated over a week ago

Service calls are typically added from "Service > Calls" in the left navigation menu. When you have many calls that need to be logged and scheduled, it may be helpful to schedule technicians after checking your company’s overall schedule for project events and service fulfillment.

See the Service Call and Project Event schedule

To see the overall service call schedule, navigate to “Service > Schedule.” Here, you will see the daily, weekly, or monthly service call schedules of all technicians. The technician's initials will be shown on the schedule entries.

If you want to see their schedule for project events too before scheduling them for service fulfillment, set the “Project events” option. This will combine the project and service call schedules to display the project events and scheduled service calls. Calls will show a Wrench icon for easier identification.

Other options in the schedule calendar are "Unscheduled days only" and "Non-working days."

Log and Schedule sew call

You have to option to log new calls and schedule them from the "Service > Schedule" page. To do this, click on a day in the schedule view and this will open the modal to log and schedule the call.

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