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Scheduling a service call

How to assign a technician and schedule the service call

Written by Ashok P
Updated over a week ago

Once the issue details are added to a service call, you will need to assign a technician for the service.

Select Date and Service Window

From the date picker, select a date. Select one or more service windows depending on the time required to fix the issue.

Assign a technician

There are two ways to select technicians, and this depends on the nature of the service call.

1 - Select from available technicians on a preferred date

For normal service calls where you do not have to send a specialist technician, select “Available Resources” or “Available Field Resources” and select the appropriate technician.

2 - Select a specialist technician based on their availability

For service calls where you want to send a specialist technician, select “All resources” or “All Field Resources,” search for the technician, check when they are available, and select the service windows accordingly.

Scheduling after-hours service

If the client requests after-hours service, you can send a technician outside of your regular service business hours.

Set the Service Hours/After Hours option to “After Hours.” You will see after-hours service windows. Select one or more windows and assign a technician.

When you have selected the date, window, and technician, click “Schedule.” You will see the schedule for the call in a banner at the top of the "Details" view.

The technician will now see the call in their Field user view.

Billing for After-Hours service

Cloud provides options to define the pricing and availability of on-demand services such as After-Hours Service and Labor Overage during a call.

If you plan to charge a different per-hour labor charge for after-hours service, you will need to add a distinct labor type.

Check out this article for more details about billing for After-Hours services.

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