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How to start the Service Contract on D-Tools Cloud

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A Service Contract is a formal agreement between you and the customer to provide them with on-site product maintenance services according to service coverage outlined in the Service Plan they accepted in the proposal.

Cloud automatically creates a service contract when the customer accepts the Service or Project proposal, and you mark the Opportunity as "Won." The contract includes all the relevant details of the plan accepted by the customer. These details are available as a reference for service coverage when your back-office logs service calls for the customer.

Setting the start date in the quote

When adding the plans to the quote, you have the option to set the start date in the "Estimated Start Date" text box. You can set the start date in the following ways:

  • A specific date, for example, 12/2/23.

  • 0 (zero) days after project completion which means, the day the project is completed.

  • 'X' days after project completion, for example, 7 days after project completion.

If you want time to estimate the start date, you have the option to set it later in the proposal or the contract.

Setting the start date in the proposal

In the Service Plan editor menu in the proposal, you will see an "Estimated Start Date" text box. If you set the start date or "days after project completion" in the quote, you will see it in the Service Plan section and the editor menu.

You have the option to change this as needed based on your discussion with the customer.

Setting the start date in the contract

Once a contract is created for the service opportunity or the project under "Service > Contracts" in the left navigation, the contract will show the estimated start date if it was set in the quote or the proposal.

You have the option to set the actual start date in the "Start Date" text box. Cloud will populate the end date of the contract based on the plan length.

"Estimated Start Date" email notification

On the estimated start date of the contract, Cloud will send an email notification to all resources assigned to the service opportunity or the project. This notification will have the link to view the contract and set a different start date for the contract.

*If you do not change the start date of the contract on the day of the estimated start date, the contract will start automatically.

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