In addition to our classic Multimedia proposal experience, we now offer a new Quick Quote proposal layout! With its clean and minimalistic design, the Quick Quote layout is perfect for small jobs, repeat clients, upgrades/add ons, change orders and equipment sales.

Selecting the Quick Quote Layout

If you are working within a brand new quote, you will see a button in the upper right hand corner of the quote that says "Create Proposal". Once you select this button, a menu will open that will show you your layout options. Right now, you can only select from the classic "Multimedia" experience that you know and love, or the new "Quick Quote", but several other layouts are currently being designed. Simply select which layout you would like to work with and your proposal will load with the default template for the given layout.

If you have already been working on a quote, you will see an "Edit Proposal" button rather than a "Create Proposal" button on your quote. Pressing this button will bring you to the layout that you had been working with, but you do still have the option of changing layouts. To do so, select the "Layouts" button at the top of the proposal editor and a window will pop up where you can select another layout. Please note that if you change layouts, you may lose settings that you selected with the previous layout, unless you saved your changes to a template prior to changing the layout.

What Makes The Quick Quote Unique?

The quick quote is designed to be a condensed and succinct version of your proposal. Overall, you will be able to tell that it has less white space between lines and sections. One thing that sets it apart is the introduction of the new Executive Summary Section. This section is made up of three parts:

  • The project description

  • The location or system descriptions & totals

  • A pricing summary for the quote

Aside from the cover information, the quick quote default template is only comprised of this new section. All descriptions on this section are optional, making it easy to condense as needed.

Another thing that makes the Quick Quote stand apart is the ability to group products by "None". Instead of having to group your products by location, system or category, you can now simply display a list of products without any grouping. This will help condense your proposal and reduce white space.

In an effort to make the Quick Quote less image heavy, it does not have the option to add on Gallery, Portfolio, Testimonial or Meet the Team sections. Similarly, item images and descriptions are not available in the Quick Quote. To make the Quick Quote extra condensed, you now have the option to hide the titles of every section.

You will also notice that some of your cover section information and the professional licenses section will be on the left aligned column. This will help reduce the amount of scrolling that your client will have to do to see the main content of your proposal. You can also now display a short pricing summary at the top of your proposal in line with the cover information. This can be turned on or off when editing the cover section.

Quick Quote Templates

You will be able to create a whole suite of templates specifically for the Quick Quote. While your default proposal template will be automatically applied to all new Quick Quote proposals that you create, you can change the proposal template by clicking the "Change Template" button in the templates menu. This will open up a modal to select a different template.

You can also select the "Manage templates" button to change your default template or create new templates. At any time you can update the template currently being used by selecting the "Save template" button, or if you wish to make a new template based on the changes you have applied you can select "Save as new template". This will require you to assign a name to the new template and then it will be added to your template list.

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