Discounts are a great way to tell customers you value their business and are willing to cut down on your margins. On the sales side, discounts help salespeople reach their targets quickly. Discounts can also be used to promote new products or clear stock to make way for newer product models.

This article explains how to add discounts and apply them at the item level in your proposals. If you are looking to add a discount on the overall value of the project, you can add an adjustment to the proposal. Check out this article for more details about applying adjustments.

Types of Item Discounts

Broadly, item discounts can be specified either as a percentage of the item value or a fixed amount. For example, a 10% discount or a $50 discount on a $500 Item. Furthermore, item discounts can be of two types:

1 - Single Value Discount

Single Value Discount is a fixed amount or percentage discount on the item. For example, a 'Stock Clearance' discount of $100.

2 - Range Discount

Range Discount is a discount with an allowed range of amounts or percentages. For example, 'Loyalty Discount' with a range of 5% to 10% of the item value.

Salespeople can apply any value in the range, including the lower and higher value, when they apply the discount on items. This way, you can let salespeople decide the discount value based on customer, project value, or the need to meet sales targets.

Add Preset Item Discounts from Settings

Go to Catalog > Item Discounts under Settings and click 'New Item Discount'. This will open a modal to add a discount. Add a catchy name for the discount, select whether this is a Single Value or Range Discount, specify the discount details, and click 'Create'.

You cannot change or update the discount names when they appear in the proposal. So, ensure that the names are correct in settings.

Apply Discounts to Items

Discounts are applied at the level of an item in the quote. To apply a discount, go to the list view of items under 'Design'. Click on the item and select the discount from the 'Discount' dropdown in the item sidebar.

If you are applying a Range Discount, you can set the discount value in the allowed range. If you don't set the value, the lower range value of the discount is applied by default.

Items with a discount applied show a green icon. You will see the discount details when you hover over the icon.

In the following example, 'Product Promotion' is a Fixed Percentage Discount, and 'Loyalty Discount' is a Percentage Range Discount.

Add Unique Discounts in Quote

If you want to add a unique discount that applies to only a specific quote, click 'Create a Discount' in the 'Discount' dropdown. This will open a modal to add the discount, just like how discounts are added in Settings.

Show Discounts in Proposal

Discounts are part of the Product Section in the proposal. So, you must add the Product
Section in the proposal or the proposal template itself to show the discounts to the customer.

The discount display setting is not enabled by default for proposals in any of the item display preset options. The enable this, go to the 'Proposal Preview', navigate to the Product Section, click the 'Products' tab on the left, and toggle on the 'Discount breakdown' switch. You can also show what type of discount is applied by toggling the 'Discount type' switch to ON.

Discounts for Accessories

While you can apply a discount on accessories, the discount breakdown won't be visible on the proposal in the same way that it is for items, but you will still be able to see the green icon in the list view of the items.

Permissions for Discounts

Item discounts are designed to give admin as much or as little control as they’d like over what discounts users apply to products. By default, only admins can create and manage item discounts. This permission can be turned on for additional user groups in settings.

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