"Project Description" is a high-level overview of a Project you add to the Proposal presented for the Project. Typically, it contains a Problem Statement, Objectives, and a summary of the Project Plan to let the customer know that you have understood their requirements.

Project Description can vary by the type of Project, the value of the Project, and the customer you are working with. This means you may need multiple Descriptions from which you can choose when building the Proposal.

Add Project Description

You can add multiple Project Descriptions to your library and choose a suitable one when creating the Proposals.

Go to Quote > Project Descriptions under Settings and click "New project description" on the extreme right. Here you can add the text for the Description. Use the text formatting options available at the top.

You can add just the headers and add the paragraphs at the time of creating the Proposal or add the complete Description.

Set a Description as Default

If you want to use a Project Description as a default for Projects, click the 3-dot menu of the Description and click "Set as default". This Description will appear for every Proposal. You can customize it for the Proposal or choose a different one from the library.

Customize Project Description

After you have chalked out the Items and Labor for the Project, you will want to create the Proposal to share with the customer.

Go to Project Description under Overview and click in the Description box. Here, you can do two things.

  1. Edit the text that came with the current default Description.

  2. Click the "Templates" icon > Change project description and use another Description from the library. This new Description can be edited to your liking.

Change "Project Description" Title in Proposal

By default, the Project Description section is titled as "Project Description" in the Proposal. If you want to change the title, go to the section in the Proposal preview, click the "Edit" icon and rename it to something like "About this Project" or "Project Overview". You can even edit the Description itself here.

Change "Project Description" Title in Proposal Template

You can also set the title in the Proposal Template itself. This way the Template brings the required title to every relevant Proposal.

Go to Proposal > Proposal Templates under Settings and open the Proposal Template. Click the "Edit" icon for Project Description and change it.

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