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Configure Email Notification Preferences
Configure Email Notification Preferences

I don't want to get Email Notifications for all changes in my Opportunities and Projects

Written by Ashok P
Updated over a week ago

Email notifications are sent to the email associated with your Cloud account when changes are made to your opportunities and projects. Email notifications come from but will appear as if they came from the user who made the changes.

Some of the changes for which Email notifications are sent are:

  • Proposal views and actions on proposals

  • Change Order views and actions on them

  • Project tasks and event assignments

  • Payments for service contracts and service calls

  • To-Dos and @Mentions

It is a good practice to receive emails for all changes because this helps you stay on top of your opportunities and projects. However, you can disable Email notifications for some changes to reduce email clutter.

A complete list of changes for which Email notifications are sent is listed in "Settings > Account > Notifications." To disable a notification, toggle the notification to OFF (turns Gray).

For example, if you don't want to get a notification every time a Proposal or Change Order is viewed, set the "Proposal viewed" and "Change order proposal viewed" to OFF.

Email Filtering Rules

If you want to receive emails for all changes but do not want to see them in your inbox, consider using Email Filtering rules in the Email client. This way, you only see important Cloud emails in the inbox. Other Cloud emails are stored in email folders; you can access them anytime.

Email Filtering configuration varies by the Email client. Contact your IT Administrator or a tech-savvy person if you need help configuring it.

In-App Notifications

More extensive notifications are also available in-app under the "Bell" icon. Email Notification preferences have no impact on the notifications seen here.

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