Payment Schedule of a Project

Finalizing the Payment Schedule of a Project

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By default, a Project will come with the payment schedule set in the accepted quote in the relevant opportunity.

Payment Milestones

All payment milestones for the project are listed under “Details > Payments” in the Project view.

Initial Deposit

If enabled, Cloud would have automatically created a payment request for the Initial Deposit payment term.

  • If the customer completed the deposit payment when accepting the proposal, the payment status will be "Paid."

  • If the customer skipped the payment when accepting the proposal, the payment status will either be "Due" or "Overdue," depending on the due date in the payment schedule.

Other Milestones

Other milestones will be listed below the initial deposit with amounts and dates if specified, from the accepted quote.

Finalize Payment Schedule

To finalize the payment schedule, click “Manage payment schedule,” located above the Project Payments tile. This will open a modal with the payment schedule. Here you can do the following:

  • Add the billing and due dates for the milestones.

  • Change the amounts for the milestones.

  • Add or delete milestones.

If you want to change the schedule at any time during the project, click “Manage payment schedule,” and make any necessary changes.

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